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Aldin Consulting Group
TIME and PROFIT finders.

Through productivity and leadership training, coaching and consulting, we help small and medium companies to find time in their schedules to focus on the important, achieve their goals and increase profitability.

We achieve results by aligning key people’s objectives to strategy and company goals, improving workflow, implementing continuous improvement programs and developing core competencies, among others.

We believe that our wide array of over 30 years of combined knowledge and international experience and talent, places us in a unique position to help our clients succeed. Led by Alicia Diaz-Blevins, MBA, our team of independent bilingual consultants features experts in business strategy, operations, project management, accounting and finance, human resources, strategic communication, marketing, social media, and a number of other critical areas.

Customer Service
Team Work

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Making a Difference…
One company at a time

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leadership Excellence

Studies show that one of the main reasons why good people leave their organizations is because of their relationship with their boss. At Aldin we believe there is no such thing as a "bad boss", but a leader whose core competencies need to be developed.

Our signature program on leadership excellence will help your company reduce turnover and create a better work environment.

Productivity and
Time Management

Achieving goals is a matter of 2 important factors: Focus and Commitment.

It sounds simple, right? Then, why are many companies struggling to get things done on time?

We have created a signature program that will help you and your team achieve your goals aligned to your company's objectives.

We are here to help!


consulting services

At Aldin we use a structured diagnostic process to map out the “why, what, and how” elements of your organization. We listen to your employees, review your results and processes, and propose action plans that best fit your needs, time and budget.

our services

Strategy and Operations

We work with our clients side by side to achieve operational excellence, rethinking how work is done. Together, we can improve customer service, cut operational costs, increase revenue, develop continuous improvement programs, and do more with less.

Human Capital

At Aldin we believe that individuals and organizations can reach their highest potential by focusing on:

  • Clearly defined purpose
  • Accountability through KPI's aligned to company goals and objectives
  • Honest and timely Feedback
  • Training and Development programs
  • Talent Management
  • Talent Acquisition in Partnership with Elevare Consultores
  • Effective Onboarding programs
  • Career and Succession plans
  • Compensation and benefit packages aligned to company values
  • Wellness programs

We help you identify areas of opportunities and create action plans aligned to corporate goals.


We support CEO's, CFO's, Controllers and Treasurers to optimize the structure of the accounting and finance functions. We work together with the accounting and finance area analyzing cash flow, budgets, forecast, controls, vendors and payment terms, Cost Accounting practices, AR aging among others, and suggest the best action plans.


Through our partnership with PalmEra, we develop marketing strategies and digital solutions, preparing advertising campaigns and branding through effective communication creating positive financial results. We also create social media strategies to best position our client’s brand.


Executive Coaching

Our Coaching Offering is designed to help you identify the
outcomes you want to achieve and pinpoint behaviors and
beliefs that may prevent you from realizing them. With our
support, you will create a plan to modify limiting behaviors
and put that plan into practice. 

Making a difference, one
company at a time.

Alicia Díaz



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